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Visit the village

Visits to the Workers Village in Panzano, departure at 10 a.m. (meeting from 9:45 a.m.) from the former Albergo Impiegati, Europalace Hotel, 20 Callisto Cosulich Street. Walking time about an hour and a half, initiative ends at the former Albergo Operai.

During the walk you will be able to admire the buildings designed by engineer Dante Fornasir, first among them the former Albergo Impiegati, which, restored between 2007 and 2009, has retained the original colors of the decorations of the sottolinda, the central staircase and the hall of columns. We will then proceed through the area of the villas for clerks and executives, located in an area far from the center of the district and differentiated from the workers’ houses by the eclectic style and bright colors of the decorations. Past Viale Cosulich, and what remains of the railway that connected the Shipyard to the Ronchi Sud station, we will enter the heart of the Workers’ Village, admiring the buildings dedicated to corporate welfare such as the stadium, the area of stores and the neighborhood’s social spaces. It will be possible to admire together the complex urban system of workers’ houses designed by Fornasir, distinguishing their different types and describing their characteristics. The walk will end at about 11 a.m. at the former Workers’ Hotel, now home to the MuCa – Museum of Monfalcone Shipbuilding.  At the end of the free cultural walk there will be optional admission to the Museum with standard guided tour fare or with an independent tour.


17 December 2023

Departure at 10:00 a.m. (meeting from 9:45 p.m.) from the former Albergo Impiegati, Europalace Hotel, 20 Callisto Cosulich St. Travel time about an hour and a half, end initiative at the former Albergo Operai

All cultural walks are free of charge

To take part in the tour, you must apply through our website, at or by calling 04814949901