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The MuCa was created with the aim of telling the story of the Monfalcone territory and a particular production district, the only example of a large shipyard in north-eastern Italy. It is essential to convey the great historical-testimonial importance of the working-class district of Panzano, which grew up around the factory, a significant example of a planned district. The exhibition covers the development of the factory town, the building site and entrepreneurs in a period devastated by war.

Sensory paths, simulators and encounters with virtual characters give visitors the feeling of being inside the shipyard.The 3D reconstruction of the Panzano theatre brings back to life the building at the centre of the social life of the Panzano community, destroyed during the Second World War. 


Fincantieri is one of the world’s largest shipbuilding groups, global Italian leader in cruise ship design, reference player in all high-tech shipbuilding industry sectors, from naval to offshore vessels, from high-complexity ferries to mega yachts, as well as production of systems and component equipment for mechanical and electrical segments, from cruise ship interiors solutions, electronic and software systems, to infrastructures and maritime constructions, as well as after-sales services.

On a regular basis (with dates available and constantly updated here) the visit to MuCa is integrated with the visit to the Fincantieri shipyard and is organised as follows: an initial guided tour inside the museum followed by a visit to discover the entire shipbuilding cycle inside the Monfalcone shipyard, where some of the largest cruise ships under construction can be admired.


Technology and multimedia allow the museum to tell its story from local history, through construction techniques to ship design and an important collection of 20th century art (including Mušič, Mascherini, Timmel). Thanks to the innovative multimedia systems used, visitors are taken into an immersive reality, characterised by a sensory tunnel, a crane simulator and other augmented reality and 3D reconstruction stations, which make the tour interesting for visitors of all ages.

The MuCa is also a widespread museum, which involves the territory directly, not only with the tour inside the museum, but also with a series of external routes in the village of Panzano. With the MuCa App, the visitor will be taken step by step through the streets of the workers’ village, between the main places and topics of historical interest and will provide windows into the past thanks to historical photos in Augmented Reality.


The Monfalcone exhibition center is physically “inside” the urban reality generated by the shipyard: A reality that can be vividly perceived by visiting it, crossing the district of Panzano, intersecting the houses, skimming the stadium, entering one of its symbolic buildings, the former workers’ hotel, and visually perceiving, beyond the fences, the presence of the construction sites, the pylons of the cranes, the structures of the overhead crane, the profiles of the ships under construction; crossing occasionally the vehicles that flow there and meeting the people who work there.

Thanks to the application “MuCapp” you can explore on foot the district of Panzano and rediscover how it has changed in over a century. By downloading the app you can also play with augmented reality inside our museum and get in-depth information.

Visit OUT

By accessing the Visit OUT section, you can start one of the guided tours outside the Museum, in the Panzano district. An audio guide will take you step by step through the streets of the workers’ village, will introduce the main historical sites and facts, and provide windows into the past with Augmented Reality historical photos.

Visit IN

By accessing the Visit IN section of the menu and centring the images of the exhibition with your mobile device, the application will automatically provide video content (in Italian and English) with interesting insights about the exhibits.